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Reviews of WAR DOGS, author interviews, and more.

War Dogs is a NY Times Bestseller

November 2014

No. 14 on Animals list.



Tampa Bay, Fox News

Tuesday, Nov. 11

A special Veteran's Day segment on War Dogs with Fox 13's Cynthia Smoot.


The Kathleen Dunn Show

Wisconsin Public Radio, Tuesday, Nov. 11

"Billions Have Been Spent on Technology to Find IEDs, but Dogs Still Do It Better"


Book Talk, National Geographic

Author Q&A, Friday, Nov. 7

"Billions Have Been Spent on Technology to Find IEDs, but Dogs Still Do It Better"



Currently Airing

C-SPAN came to Sixth & I Synagogue to film my talk with James Fallows.


The Diane Rehm Show

NPR, Monday, Oct. 20

I had a wonderful time talking with Diane Rehm about the book, the history of war dogs, and why we need to keep our military working dogs in service.


BBC World News, TV

Monday, Oct. 20

I got to sit down with Katty Kay on BBC World News America to discuss War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism and the role of dogs in warfare.


The Washington Post

OUTLOOK, Sunday, Oct. 19

Washington Post book critic, Jonathan Yardley, gives War Dogs a tremendous review, calling it an, "exceptionally interesting and surprisingly moving book..."


The New York Times Book Review

"'A Wolf Called Romeo,' by Nick Jans, and More" 

By BRONWEN DICKEY, Sunday, Oct. 19

"Is a war dog “a furry but devoted weapon?” Frankel, a senior editor at Foreign Policy, asks. “A faithful fighter? A fierce soldier? A guardian who keeps watch in the night?” It would take her over a year of research and reporting to answer these questions."

New York Post

"How 4 dogs helped protect their masters in war"

Oct. 5

Maureen Callahan takes an in-dept look at the stories of War Dogs.




Oct., 14 Interview with Brandon Webb, a former U.S. Navy SEAL 

The Best Defense

'War Dogs': A view from a dog handler

Oct., 8

Sean Lulofs, a former US Air Force handler (who I write about in the book) gives his review of War Dogs and a little bit more.




"For those not in the military, [Frankel]’s observations will aid them in gaining a deeper appreciation of what the troops on the ground and their dog companions endure. Engaging accounts of dogs working in war zones and aiding their handlers despite the imminent dangers."

Publishers Weekly

War Dogs gets its first review in Publishers Weekly's Fall 2014 issue: 

"[Frankel's] passion for her subject matter and deep appreciation for the dogs is heartwarming and inspiring throughout. Military aficionados as well as dog lovers will learn from and enjoy from this study of canine commandos and the service people who count on them."

Patricia B. McConnell

Noted dog author and expert previewed an early copy of War Dogs
"War Dogs, which is full of hard-to-put-down stories about military dogs and the handlers who love them (and are often told not to). ... Frankel has done a brilliant job of taking us into another world of dogs and soldiers in war..."



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